Fair-Trade in Ecuador

Set in the spectacular mountains of Otavalo, Ecuador, WinterSun clothing is created in our fair-trade workshop environment where each garment is crafted by hand. We use special techniques to apply layers of wax, paint and dye by hand to achieve breathtaking results.

Every detail is taken into consideration including locally and sustainably produced buttons custom made from tagua nuts.

The Factory

Founded in 1983 our factory features huge windows in the airy sewing rooms that look out to the mist-covered mountains and the open-air pavilions where our talented painters create unique works of art on fabric. The designs are cured using South American sunshine when fabrics are laid out on the meadows surrounding the pavilions. You'll practically feel the fresh breezes and sunshine every time you slip on a favorite WinterSun piece.

Environmentally Conscious

Unlike most companies who mass produce items, WinterSun uses color responsibly. The small amount of run off is captured and filtered in our own leach fields, protecting the land and mountain waterways. This approach limits our production, but we think it’s worth it, and we think you’ll agree when you wear WinterSun clothing next to your skin.

Hand Painted

WinterSun’s creative clothing are as easy-to-care for as they are beautiful. Each print is the result of an elaborate process combining hand painting, hand dying and wax resistant batik. The result is one of a kind wearable art that feels luxurious while you’re having fun.


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